Gary & Marla Schroeder of World Venture. Moscow, Russia,

The Schroeders are committed to teaching a strong biblical theology of worship that transcends personal preference. More than that, they are training worship leaders with the talent and technical skills necessary to improve the quality of the Christian music scene in Russia. The Schroeders, along with their team of 25 Russians, work in three main Moscow churches, each with an attendance range of 75 to 250 people. They also have frequent dealings with up to 12 other churches.

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Dan & Tonya White of Axiom Church. Syracuse, New York

Dan and Tonya have served together in ministry for the last 17 years.  They have worked along side each other for the last decade in various of churches throughout the Northeast before planting Axiom Church. Dan has a passion for the small seedling Kingdom-communities and serves as a consultant with the missional church planting network V3. Dan is currently working on the forthcoming book "Subterranean" being published through The House Studio.

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Eric & Laura Anderson of Urban Impact. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our mission is to do our part in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission on the North Side of Pittsburgh. By following His model of holistic ministry by investing in the lives of at-risk children, youth, and their families in order to develop mature, responsible followers of Christ. We desire to see lives holistically transformed in our community one person, one family, and one block at a time who, in turn, make a powerful impact locally and globally for Jesus Christ.

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Bob & Elizabeth Wilson of Christian Associates. Dublin, Ireland

Our desire is to begin communities of faith across the city of Dublin…more important reason we believe the main reason we are here is to serve, and love the people who live in Ireland.

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